Moon is no longer in development. If you're interested in acquiring it email me.

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was an INDIE HACKERS mobile app.

  • Browse IH faster than the website

  • Filter posts, milestones and groups

  • Made by an Indie Hacker

  • Free during private beta

Need to know more? Check out Moon's milestones.

"Moon is a great project that deserves many new testers :)"

Arvid Kahl of The Bootstrapped Founder


  • Read the top posts and milestones or filter by group

  • Sort by newest or top of the day, week or month.

  • View users and their comments, posts and products

  • Post, vote and more with deep links to the IH website

  • Mobile-friendly markdown rendering

  • Quick search for IH groups

  • Log in to post, comment and vote directly from the app

  • View products and their revenue and milestones

  • Browse your following feed and your upvoted posts

Beta Tester Feedback

"It’s fast and smooth! I love using Moon. Was just using it now for the last 20 minutes, and it’s so fast, and gives a great twitter stream like feeling. I’m grateful for the time and effort you’ve put into it. It’s a very enjoyable way to read Indie Hackers."

Emil Moeller of Ripn

"It’s been really nice having an easy way to browse the forums. It’s so much nicer than the web experience."

Todd Goodall of Seattle IndieHackers

"Moon is very clean. I like. Reminds me (in performance and layout) of Apollo for Reddit. Keep up the awesome work!!"

Amy @ of The List of Minimums

"Such a pretty app. Can’t wait for future updates!"

Perry Raskin of The Game of Chase

"Really enjoying Moon so far – the experience is just so much better than the crappy slow website. It significantly increases my engagement with Indie Hackers. The app is blindingly fast for seeing what’s going on and reading the discussions. I’m much more of a lurker than an active participant though so actually it’s almost feature complete for someone like me."

Mike on Indie Hackers

"Love Moon so far! Branding is on point with IH. Can’t wait to see what comes next."

Marc Beinder of Podtrics

"I really like the UI design a lot . Everything feels very intuitive and smooth."

Noel Lorenz of Nocode HQ

"I'm a designer for 10 years and I must say Moon is one of the best designs ever, smooth, simple, fast, everything is easy to navigate quickly and it saves me time!"

Fajar Siddiq of Euphorya

Moon is a


Moon App Logo


Keep an eye out for an email from me. It has your download link.

Also it would really help me if you could answer a quick question:

Moon App Logo

Nov 7, 2020

v0.2 (6)

Refreshing the Test Flight Build

Nothing much in this update. Mostly just re-releasing to Test Flight since the previous build is going to expire.

  • Fixed some UI styling issues

  • Started work on log-in functionality!

Aug 11, 2020

v0.2 (5)

Markdown and Group Search

Moon is still growing despite the lack of shipped updates (sorry about that)!
To keep it short, Moon now does these cool things:

  • Markdown rendering in posts, comments and bios

  • Filter by milestones, all posts or group posts

  • Access any group on IH (the list is no longer hard-coded lol)

  • Lets you quickly search for a group

Jul 13, 2020

v0.2 (4)

Support for Link Type Posts

Still chugging away! I've been wanting to add support for link type posts for a while now so I'm happy to be shipping this.

  • Support for link type posts!

  • All urls now open with the in-app browser

  • A nice UI refresh with big red action buttons

  • Fixed a bug where tapping a group name didn't take you to the group

Jun 25, 2020

v0.2 (3)

New App Icon

Not much in the way of progress lately. 2020 is crazy. But I made a new logo / app icon for Moon so here's that.

  • A new snazzy app icon

  • Added the newest IH groups

Jun 8, 2020

v0.2 (2)

Added the Newest Groups

There is a global pandemic happening and it sucks.

  • Added the latest IH groups

  • Clicking a product in Moon deep links to it on the website

Mar 6, 2020

v0.2 (1)

User Profiles and Way Too Much Other Stuff

I've made a ton of updates and improvements over the past 3 months and I have no idea why I waited this long to ship them. But I'm pretty stoked to get user profiles into Moon!

  • User profiles in Moon! See people's bios, comments, posts and products

  • Tapping a button for a feature that's not yet implemented (e.g. upvote) prompts you to continue on the website instead of doing nothing

  • Tapping the active tab icon jumps back to the top of the feed

  • Vote counts are actually accurate now

  • Tap any url to open it in Safari

  • Tap any group name to filter posts by that group

  • Fixed a bug where the feed would reload with previously fetched posts if fetch is slow and user picks new filter

  • Some UI styling tweaks to make things prettier

  • Added all the newly added IH groups

Dec 3, 2019

v0.1 (1)

Moon Private Beta Launch!

Moon is now available for private beta! If you're an Indie Hacker on the go and want to give my iOS client a spin let me know and I'll send an invite.

If you want to see a clip of the app in action, here's me zipping around IH with it this morning.

  • View the top posts and milestones on Indie Hackers

  • Filter by Newest, Top of the Day/Week/Month/All-Time, or by Group

  • Read the comments on every post